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Ever notice how everybody that travels somewhere tells the same stories? That’s because they’re going to the same places and doing the same things. Discover places in Tokyo you won’t find without local knowledge. No, they won’t be in the usual travel blogs everybody’s reading. That’s the point.

Hi I’m Alejandro, a world traveler with a passion for discovery and making friends that’s found his home away from home in Japan. Over the past 10 years, I’ve built a reputation and network around some of Tokyo’s best bars and Izakayas but am continuously on the lookout for new locations which you can see on my Twitch livestreams. Interested in Japan? Join me on my quest to find the best in every corner of Tokyo. Planning to be in Japan? Send me a message and find out why everyone raves about the Okawari barcrawls.

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What if you came back from Japan with an experience none of your friends & family have ever had? Made lifelong friends with someone you encountered by chance? 1000+ previous clients have had that pleasure and so can you. Join over 1000 travelers who got the opportunity to tell a unique tale about Tokyo.

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