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Everybody does daytime tours. So much so that every big city is saturated with guides for daytime travelers.

Yet for some of us, it’s the nightlife that sparks the flames of adventure.

The Perfect Night Adventure

Remember that night out you had with your friends years ago? The one you still remind each other about to this day. How long ago was that? Months? Years?

Okawari Tours brings you that experience in Tokyo.


Take a dive into historic districts from the 1950s with your best friends and bring home a tale you’ll talk about for years. Or perhaps would you rather go alone and make new friends?

In the hidden alleys of Kichijoji –

Experience nightlife like a local




Memories that stay with you long after you leave

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What Others Thought


This is the go-to experience in Tokyo. As solo traveller I have tried the experience in multiple countries all over the world. This is by far one of the best. I am the only person in the tour and Okawari nicely arranged the night in a super fun and amazing. I have Japanese colleagues so I wasn't expecting too much out of ordinary. Yet Okawari managed to deliver a way more authentic and local experience here. He speaks Japanese perfectly and managed to take me to the tiny Izakayas full of friendly staffs and guests. Only though this tour did I got the chance to learn the live style in Tokyo well and made some spontaneous frds in the Izakaya as well. I would like to explore more areas with Okawari someday later too.

– Mabel


Amazing time getting to go to authentic little bars that would be SO intimidating without Okawari! He showed us the ropes, made us feel like locals, and we made so many new friends! Loved every minute and this was such a more affordable way to drink than just going to Golden Gai, highly recommend! How would you ever know what to order or do in a bar like the one pictured here?! You wouldn’t without Okawari!

– Kathryn M. O.


Okawari was and is an incredible host, we had so much fun, so many awesome memories and have made some new friends for life. Always cracking jokes and enjoying the moment. The pub crawl was my first ever and was one of the biggest highlights of my trip! 10/10 would do it again!

 –Josh C.


If you’re someone who likes a drink, likes local establishments and likes hanging out with great people, this is for you. Meeting up with strangers from all around the world to hang out and get your drink on is amazing. Especially since your guide Okawari knows his stuff, you won’t get bored. You’ll get to drink all sorts of drinks you most likely would glance over (or wouldn’t be able to see since it’s all written in Japanese). You don’t need to be a heavy drinker to enjoy this.

– Ryan V.D. G.

Find Hidden Gems with a Local Friend

Back-alleys, hidden gems and salaryman hideouts. Explore the unseen side of Tokyo’s night districts you can only experience through 6 years of experiencing and exploring every corner this city has to offer.

Tour Packages

Standard Tour

$105 per person

4 hour tour of Kichijoji and Harmonica Yokocho

1.5h of unlimited drinks + food course at one bar

Tips and insights to Japanese drinking etiquette

Full interpretation from a trilingual guide

Private Tour


Special Hangover remedy included

2h of premium food & drinks at a special bar

1 on 1 or private tour for you & your friends

Full attention translation for you & your group

Custom Tour


Get a custom tailored experience

Tour a custom area

Reserve up to 8 hours of touring

Available for groups up to 10 people

Please Note:

Please register once for every individual or contact us for a group invoice

Due to the local drinking age, the tour is restricted to guests 20 or older.

You must pay for your own drink at every bar(even if it’s a soft drink). A drink costs roughly 500-700 yen.

There is vegetarian/vegan food options for guests(please let us know ahead of time) .


Where is the location of the tour?

The tour takes place in Kichijoji, a place famously known to many as the #1 place to live in Tokyo.

How far is Kichijoji?

It’s about 15 minutes from Shinjuku and Shibuya by train.

Will I be able to make it back home after the tour ends?

Yes, even if you are staying on the opposite side of Tokyo like Asakusa, Ueno, Tokyo station, you will have more then enough time to make it back home. Last train is usually by midnight so don’t hesitate to head back at your own time.

I don't drink, can I still enjoy the tour?

Of course! This is a lifestyle experience. We encourage anyone who wants to experience the local nightlife of Japan to join and can guarantee it will be an amazing night out!

Why Kichijoji over Shinjuku?

Although Shinjuku isnt out of the question, over the years anyone who has joined the tour and see Kichijoji for what it is, they will realize that Kichijoji is an overall better experience then Shinjuku in terms of local nightlife and people. Shinjuku and Shibuya is filled with foreign tourists which take you out of the element of being in Japan. While Kichijoji is just local japanese folks who are having a drink and enjoying their night out. So this is definitely the best area to experience in Tokyo over the other locations!

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